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         1.  Angels From The 
                     Realms Of Glory

  2.  Away In A Manger

  3.  The First Noel

  4.  Christmas Medley

  5.  Christmas Morning



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Christmas Songs by Don Shetterly - Download/Listen on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody

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Christmas Trivia and Facts



  • The word, Carols, actually means dance or a song of praise and joy.

  • Singing of carols first originated in Europe.

  • First carols were Pagan songs for the Winter Solstice Celebration.

  • Most Carols were written in Latin and only sung by the Priest or Choir

  • Most common people could not understand and so they could not sing these carols.

  • In 1223, nativity plays were started and used songs to tell the story.

  • Songs sung in nativity plays were in common language so all could understand.

  • The carols began to spread across Europe.

  • Traveling singers started singing these Carols as they traveled.

  • Towards the end of the middle ages, Carols were being sung in Churches

  • Before public Carol singing became popular, the Carols were only sung on Christmas Eve.

  • The custom of singing Carols around the streets became popular

About The CD



Christmas Songs is some of my favorite holiday Christmas Piano Music that I played when I was a child growing up. These songs were among the ones that would get played on the piano and sung by the children, during Christmas holiday programs at church where we celebrated Jesus's birth.  They are precious classic songs that I never get tired of hearing over and over again.

While this CD has three favorite Christmas Carols on it which include "Angels From The Realms Of Glory", "Away In A Manger" and "The First Noel (Nowell)", there is also a Christmas Piano Medley of these three songs.  In addition, there is one of Don Shetterly's own creations called "Christmas Piano Music:  Christmas Morning".  All of these songs provide a timeless reflection to the past Christmas traditions for Don.

Imagine decorating the Christmas Tree or reading the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus or even the traditional Christmas Poem, "Twas The Night Before Christmas" and just allowing the notes of these songs to fill the air.  One of the things I most remember is that when we woke up on Christmas Morning and before we began to open our Christmas presents, we would turn on Christmas music.  The song "Christmas Piano Music:  Christmas Morning" was created out of that memory.  This CD is also ideal for those company office  holiday parties as background music or maybe as a lullaby for the children as they wait for Santa Claus to come.   While some may call it Xmas Music or holiday music, I still prefer the old fashioned method of calling it Christmas musik.

In whatever way you use this CD, just know that the joy and the peace of the season flow through every note that is played.  For it is a time of hope and goodwill to all and a time to celebrate the love we all share.

Download these from any of the major online sites listed above or purchase them as a CD on Amazon.  Enjoy and relax to the beautiful and simple sounds of the piano music.  Don't forget to check out all of Don's relaxing and inspirational music in the various mp3 sites around the internet.  

Songs On The CD

Here is a brief description of why these songs were included on this CD and a little about Don's own creation of Christmas Piano Music:  Christmas Morning.  These are all instrumental piano and keyboard based songs without words that are very relaxing, uplifting and peaceful.
Track #1.  Angels From The Realms Of Glory  

I can just picture the angels announcing the birth of Christ as he is introduced to the world lying in a manger.   This is stated in the Gospel of Luke and is known by so many which states "And the angel said unto them,  Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

Angels are special to me in many ways and so this song brings significant meaning to me.  May you cherish this Christmas Song as much as I do.

Track #2.  Away In A Manger

I have always enjoyed the simple nature of this song.  The flowing melody which gives way to a very special meaning of this song.  Most of us know the story of the birth of Jesus and this song is at the heart of what Christians celebrate during Christmas time.  May we all use this example to help us love and respect all regardless of who they are or how they appear.

Track #3.  The First Noel (Nowell)

Noel is a word that has two definitions.  One is that it means "a Christmas Carol" and the other is that it means "Christmas".  It also has two spellings where it is spelled Noel and Nowell.  The thing that captures my attention on this song is the melody which is so simple and peaceful yet it carries a very deep message.  It has always been one of my favorite Carols.

Track #4.  Medley

Many times while growing up, I would have fun putting various songs together in the form of a medley.  Such is the case with the three Christmas Carols mentioned above.  This medley was my form of enjoyment in piecing these songs together so that they flowed into one message.  My hope is that you will feel the beauty, peace and joy of each individual song as well as the collection of this Medley.

Track #5.  Christmas Piano Music:  Christmas Morning.

The song, "Christmas Piano Music: Christmas Morning" is about joy, happiness and the excitement of waking up to the presents and gifts under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.    This song was created like so many of my others where I place my hands on the keyboard and what flows out as notes becomes a song of message and inspiration.  

About The Artist

Don Shetterly released his first CD entitled “Dancing With Life” in 2003 and has released several CD's since, including Focusing, Massage Music, Hope For Haditha Children, Mother's Day Music, Mother's Day Gift, Meditation Music: Healing Angels, Relaxation Spa Music, Christmas Music Piano, and Christmas Songs. His CD's are a collection of music that has been described as soothing, beautiful, and flowing. 

When Don was in second grade, his parents knew of his desire to play the piano. Although there was very little money to go around, his mother made sure that his dream of playing the piano would not go unfulfilled. His family purchased an old upright piano for $35 from a neighbor. It was a gigantic piano and took many people to move it into their house. After getting the piano tuned up, Don began taking piano lessons. It did not take long for Don's piano teacher to realize just how special his talent was.

For most of Don's life he practiced and played for various events such as school choir events and various community events. For many years, Don also played the piano for church services. In the past few years, Don has begun to develop his skill of sitting down at the piano and playing whatever music comes to his hands. 

Don is currently a licensed massage therapist and uses the power of music with his clients to help promote relaxation and healing in them. Music takes us to places where we might not otherwise travel and it helps us reach new heights of relaxation.

Artists such as Yanni, George Winston, Bradley Joseph and Steven Cravis have been influential in Don’s development and public release of his music. For these individuals helped Don to realize that his music should not be hidden but be allowed for everyone to experience.

You can find most of Don's music on major online internet retail sites like  iTunes, Amazon, Napster & Rhapsody. Web Hosting

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